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Essential Xena Quotes part I

No music-vid this time! Xenas always worth quoting (plenty of quotes, too! This is only the first part... more coming soon) So, which ones your favorite X-quote?

Funny Xena Quotes and Moments! Vid 1

my first video, so please be kind with the comments. These are some of my favorite funny quotes and moments from the show. This vid was longer, but i got a...

Xena & Gabrielle were they or werent they? (pt. 2)

Pairing: Xena/Gabrielle. Many people emailed me that they liked the first Quote video, so I made a second one. Again youll find quotes from actors, writers,...

Xena & Gabrielle moments of love

One of the greatest vids of our legendary DeborahKizzy.

To Tartarus and Back: Xena and Gabrielles Journey

My first try at a video in pictures. Xena and Gabrielles Journey in quotes, from the first episode to the final episode (in order). Video has subtext content. Music is:...

Xena & Gabrielle were they or werent they? (pt. 1)

Pairing: Xena/Gabrielle. Were they or werent they? Of course they were! This video contains a collection of quotes said by actors, producers and writers of the...

Xena and Gabrielle: Everlasting love

Some of the most beautiful quotes that show the deep love that Xena and Gabrielle has for each other, it is an everlasting love. With no doubt, one of the most...

Xena And Gabrielle Subtext!

A song like thing with many quotes from the series rolled into one, that can be taken in a sexual way:P Pictures have no relation to the song, they are just there...

Xena and Gabrielle

Essential Xena Quotes part III

so here it is... finally. Quotes part 3... the last one, too. Enjoy! Love Thraso.